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HSBC World MasterCard® Black Edition™ at Elite Life Fair exhibition

Hagenas 25 year XO cognac-product design & packing



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Artashat-Vincon product rebranding

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OOH for HSBC Armenia

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Nokia OOH, leaflets, posters, stickers adaptation & implementation

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ATM Design, HSBC Armenia

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created at Prime Commercial

HSBC Armenia Minor deposits

HSBC Armenia's

Minor Deposits Service



Promotion of new service "Minor deposits" of HSBC Armenia bank through the target audience "parents". The task is to develop

an advertising campaign to attract investors (average 200 people).



The service for the exact bank is new.

Competitors provide identical service m-any years. Percentage earned from deposits does not differ from the rates of other banks.



Carried out parallels: a tree planter

and a child. Planted and cared tree grows, yields fruits and makes environment greener.  Just like children do: grow up, gain success and bring benefits to the country!

Conclusion: every parent who puts

deposit to their child's account gets the

opportunity to plant a nominal tree

for him.

The basic message:


Plant a nominal tree for your child that will become the witness of his success!

It's decided to bring the message to the target audience through classic media (TV, Radio, Outdoor, Internet) and accessories (signboards on the trees, brochures, green passport for the child for whom the tree was planted etc.).

Tree planting

All investors were informed about the

date and place of tree planting. An

interesting event was organized with

cartoon characters and funny music for

children. Attendance was 95%.



Main brand loyalty level increase.

Expansion of the green territory of the

country for acres.

Instead of expected two hundred,

207 of witch were opened by people

who were not bank customers

before this.



Web banner


Visual for OOH

Transport OOH

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